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"Best in class" for modeling saturations, permeabilities, and compartments.

  • Available for Petrel plugin and Standalone.
  • Includes powerful Geo2Flow ToolBox.
  • Strong R&D underpinning.
  • Rapid turnaround on feature requests.

"Jump Start"

We perform one pass Geo2Flow analysis on your field.

  • Collect and QC your data.
  • Run your project through entire Geo2Flow workflow.
  • Discuss and present results.


Both the science and technology.

  • For geologists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers.
  • Always with your data, never "canned" datasets.
  • Best practices for interdisciplinary workflows.


Extensive experience on fields throughout the world, both "data rich" and "data poor".

  • Inhouse or remote consulting.
  • Customized workshops.
  • Peer review and expert analysis.